We know what it is like to live with a crazy but still AWESOME dog.  One that seems to have limitless energy, a hunger for everything on your counters, jumps all over you and your guests, doesn’t come when called, or is fearful of someone or something.

We know that when you got your dog you had a reason.  We’ve dreamed of strolling thru the neighborhood, playing in the backyard, going to the dog parks, and having guests say how well behaved our pups are too.  And when that wasn’t reality, we sought help.

Yes, we know the frustration of looking for a trainer.  One that will treat you and your dog with kindness and get results.  One that understands you have limited time and focuses on the 20% that will get you 80% of the results.

That’s why we focus on using things your dog likes to teach them what we want them to do while arranging things in their world to prevent what we don’t want them to do.  It’s like sending them to kindergarten where learning is fun, while child-proofing the house to keep them safe.  It’s that simple!

No Pain, No Force, No Fear.

Our Team

Tara Houser & Tic Tac

Tara is a certified trainer and behavior counselor. She is a CPDT-KA, Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer, Pat Miller Certified Trainer, and Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer.  She specializes in separation anxiety, thunderstorm phobia, and aggression.  She has attended numerous workshops and professional animal training courses, and participated in obedience, flyball, agility, and nose work with her own dogs.  She has been training professionally since 2010.

Dan and ABA
Dan Houser and ABA-Lee

Dan completed the Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer Certification in 2018.  During his studies, he focused on game based training to turn struggles into strengths. Thru the use of games, he trains for situations rather than training in them which can sometimes lead to a lot of frustration for people and their pups.  When not assisting dogs and their people, he works hard to enrich our training environment.  In his spare time, he loves to play with his dogs and fix up his truck.


Sam Brown & Rey

Sam graduated with Distinction from the Victoria Stillwell Dog Training Academy.  While completing her studies she mentored under Tara. She is a Fear Free Certified Professional and is continuing to seek other ways to expand her knowledge base. Her background as a professional comedian compliments her skills as a trainer.  She volunteers at the local shelter and specializes in day training, kitty kindergarten, and experience creation.


I had a 30-minute consult with Tara about my dog’s barking. After speaking with her, I installed a baby gate near the front hallway so he couldn’t see out the front windows. He stopped barking right away. I followed the handout she sent to me after and now I no longer have to put up the baby gate. He still barks once in a while, but as they said it’s unrealistic for a dog to never bark. – Diana S.

I consulted with Sam for 30 minutes about Tigger eliminating outside the litterbox. She recommended a veterinary check up, and discussed litterbox placement and hygeine and the newest cat addition to my family. After following her suggestions, my cat is back to using the litterbox. – Barbara F.