What is Behavior Modification?

Behavior modification is a technical term that basically means stopping your dog from doing what you don’t like and teaching him to do what you do like.  Our goal with behavior modification is to meet your goals for your life with your dog in a way that is tailored to fit your lifestyle and time constraints.  We do this using force-free, pain-free, and fear-free methods in our training.  For a brief introduction as to why we chose to follow this philosophy in our training, see “Dog Friendly, Scientifically Proven” Techniques.

What are some of the behaviors behavior modification can be used for?

House Training or other Inappropriate Elimination Behavior
Excessive Vocalization
Destructive Behaviors
Digging Problems
Repetitive Behaviors
Inappropriate Chewing
Stealing Objects (AKA Grand Theft Socks)
Problems When Left Alone
Problems When Going Places
Problems With Other Animals In the Home
…and More (If they can do it… we can change it!*)

So Your Pet’s Ready to Be Cool with Behavior Modification…

Step One: Fill out the Prospective Client Questionnaire.  (For Home Alone Issues, Please Click Here.)

Step Two: Phone Consultation / Discuss Services

Step Three: Detailed Questionnaire / Observations

Step Four: Design and Implement Behavior Modification Plan

Step Five: Continued Support

*Unless there is an underlying medical issue.  Treating a behavior problem that has an underlying medical condition can actually do more harm both physically and behaviorally.  For this reason, ALL of our clients must have had a medical consult with their veterinarian within the past 12 months.  For some, a more recent appointment with their veterinarian may be required before behavior modification begins.