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Due to the overwhelming response to the recent launch of our new website, ThunderstormPhobia.com, we are excited to announce that we will be focusing on helping dogs who are afraid of thunderstorms, loud noises, and being home alone. We will continue to offer online consultations for all and specialized workshops in our local area. In the coming weeks, we will be revising our website to focus on our new endeavors. Stay Tuned as we get ready to help dogs find the calm in the storm and stop singing the home alone blues!

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Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms? You can do more than manage. Let us help you and your dog find the calm in the storm.
Does your dog suffer when left home alone? We can help you teach him not to worry when you leave him home alone.
Set up an online consultation right away. Your consultation includes time with a certified trainer, follow up email support, and handouts.