Virtual & Online Training for Dogs with Separation Anxiety (CSAT)

Does your dog experience anxiety when left at home?
  • Are the neighbors complaining of constant barking or whining?
  • Is there damage near your windows or doors?
  • Are you finding potty accidents when you return home?
  • Does your dog greet you as though they haven’t seen you in months when you return after work?
  • Does your dog follow you around as if they are attached by a tether?
  • Does your dog chew up your things when you leave him home alone?
  • Do you think your dog is guilty when you return?
  • Do you think he is angry at you for leaving?
  • Have you noticed the carpet being wet when you return, but your dog didn’t have an accident?
  • Does your dog seem to be panting heavily when you return?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your dog may be experiencing some form of home alone issues, often referred to as Separation Anxiety.

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a panic disorder that occurs when the dog is left home alone (or at its extreme, separated from his most coveted human). Separation anxiety can be triggered by a wide range of things including moving to a new home, loss of a family member, traumatizing experience, sudden change in the families schedule, loss or arrival of a new pet, being re-homed, etc.  Unfortunately, it does not get better with time, it usually gets worse.

Can Separation Anxiety be resolved?

YES!  Separation anxiety can be helped.  Myself and a handful of other trainers have earned their Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) credentials.  This is the highest qualification given to trainers who want to work with dogs that have issues being left home alone.  We work with each dog as an individual and can work with you and your dog no matter where you are located.

I don’t live near you, can you still help me?

YES! The beauty of this program is that we work completely remotely.  The whole idea of helping your dog overcome separation anxiety is to get you out of the house.  That will be much harder to do if I am present.  Using a special software platform, google sheets, and a webcam we can accomplish more than we ever could in person.  In fact, you’ll find the almost daily communications are much more effective than had we met in person.

Schedule and Initial Assessment and Get the Help You and Your Dog Need 

During an initial assessment we will go over your dog’s history, behavior when left home alone, create a management plan for your dog, and evaluate what your dog can do now.  Using this information we will create a training plan for your dog and discuss continued training to support you on the your dog’s journey to being home alone and comfortable.

Cost: $190.00.

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