How should I feed my dog?

Most people feed their dogs straight from the bowl.

Here at Real Pet Behavior we like to add a little extra enrichment for our dogs mealtimes.

Watch the video below!


Our dogs have over 220,000,000 receptors in their nose. That’s an awful lot compared to a humans measly 400. So why not let them use their nose and their brains to enhance their meal times?

By throwing out your bowl and investing in puzzle feeders you can elongate meal times. This also helps to wear your dog out so they are all ready to cuddle on the couch later.

However this doesn’t start and end with just puzzle feeders! Although they are a great tool don’t be afraid to use your imagination when feeding your dog. Here’s a list of ways to feed your dog using things around your home!


1.) Toilet Paper Puzzle. Take an empty toilet paper roll and fold one half of the tube to seal it. Put some of your dogs kibble inside the tube and fold the opposite side down. Make sure to supervise so you don’t get a puppy paper eater!

2.) Paper Towel Puzzle. Read number one. But use an empty paper towel roll. I know… I’m a genius.

3.) Blanket Puzzle. Lay a blanket down. Sprinkle your dogs kibble on top. Now fold the blanket over the kibble. Human kids want Aladdin’s flying blanket, our furry kids want treat dispensing blankets. Only one of them is feasible.

4.) Water Bottle Puzzle. Take an empty water bottle. Cut holes around the sides. Open the cap and poor some kibble in. Lay it on the ground and watch your dog to roll it around to get the treats out. If water bottle is lost, check under the bed.

5.) Sock Puzzle. DO NOT USE THE UGLY SOCKS YOUR SPOUSE BOUGHT YOU FOR CHRISTMAS! JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE UGLY DOESN’T MEAN THEY WEREN’T PURCHASED FROM THE HEART! Use a sock thats old, or even better, that one sock that you keep because you think you’ll eventually find the other matching one. You won’t, the dryer ate it, gift it to your dog. Put kibble inside sock. Tie sock. Let your dog either learn how to untie a knot or (most likely) destroy your sock to get to the kibble. Again, supervise so you don’t get a canine cloth eater.

6.) Sprinkle Puzzle. Take your dogs kibble into your hand. Walk across your room or even your house slowly sprinkling the kibble throughout. Avoid expensive rugs. We are not trying to ruin marriages here, just enrich your dog. Watch as your dog sniffs all throughout your house for their kibble! This can also be done in a fenced in back yard, or on a supervised tether.

7.) Box Puzzle. Got an amazon package? Maybe its even a deluxe puzzle feeder you can’t quite figure out yet. Well while you read the instructions put some of your dogs kibble into the box and close it up!


REMEMBER! Some of these puzzles are made of materials your dog might enjoy destroying or digesting after the food is all gone. We recommend (more like insist) that you supervise your dog. First off it’s entertaining, but it also is a safety precaution. Now go have fun watching your dog eat! Trust me, it’s way more enjoyable than watching your brother inhale an entire pecan pie on thanksgiving. Like, really bro, if you’re reading this, chill.