What is a clicker?

Some of us have heard of clicker training, but what is it? How is a click going to magically turn my dog into a perfect princess? Watch the video below to find out the use of the clicker, how it is effective, and how to properly use it!


So now you’re ready to efficiently start your training!! Just remember the three rules.

1.) Hold the clicker either behind your back or in your pocket.

2.) Make sure you only click once.

3.) Every time you click, you feed a treat.

Have fun training!!

Samantha Brown, Victoria Stilwell Graduate

Sam graduated with Distinction from the Victoria Stilwell Dog Training Academy.  While completing her studies she mentored under Tara. She is a Fear Free Certified Professional and is continuing to seek other ways to expand her knowledge base. Her background as a professional comedian compliments her skills as a trainer.  She volunteers at the local shelter and specializes in day training, kitty kindergarten, and class creation.